Poetic Inspiration

It's Okay

Many have walked away...but that's okay
Cause see, you have shown me the light
Everyday I wake, a joyful new day
They don't like what I have to say...about you...But that's okay
I've turned away from my wrong, for you have made my ways right
As long as I am most pleasing to you
When in your sight, no longer do I hold a sleepless night
Many have walked away....But that's okay
I long to her your voice, calm and still
Reveal your mysteries, I need to here what you have to say
You guide me in all my ways
Though the journeys long
You have made my heart strong
Many times, I could have been dead and gone
They may persecute me for your names sake
Order my steps so I don't make a mistake
You will never leave nor forsake
A new path I walk
A new path you create
They may say I'm a God freak
Addicted to your presence
Listening, awaiting for you to speak
You keep me strong when my flesh grows weak
Without you Lord, I would not be complete
You knew me from the time you formed me
From the strands of my hair to the soles of my feet
I shout a joyful noise, You have made me complete
Delivering me from all transgressions
When you formed me, you made me complete
I won't lie
I won't cheat
I desire You
I desire your perfect peace
They can all walk away
But as long as I have you
All I can say....
It's fine by me
It's okay.....

Copyright(c)2012 Divine Love

This walk

As I turn away from the old
My path has been made a new
At one time, I had not a clue
Where to go
Wondering, what this is about
Wonder what the Lord shall have me do
Down this narrowed path
Leading me away from crooked straights
My desires is to seek His face
No longer do I chase the desires of my own
For it is His will that has been etched and stoned
Many days I go alone
As I walk this path on my own
No longer do I battle mentally
No longer do I dwell the perils of tyranny
Sincerely, I want to know
Some things, I had to let go
My life, is all in your hands
Help me Lord, I want to understand
Help me Lord
Help me to see it your way
Blessed be this day
When trouble comes
I know you will make a way
I know you will not leave nor forsake me
In spite my wrongs
You have made me 
Molded me
So that my soul may grow strong
Use me Lord
I die to my flesh
So that I can know
What it is
To experience 
Your very best....

Have your way with me Lord, I belong to you!

Copyright(c)2012 Divine Love

The spirit of the Lord led me to write this piece on behalf of those who are suffering through crisis and turmoil. Know that God is able to loose those things that the enemy makes for bad, God will make for good.  Faint not, He is here to remove your burdens, allow Him to show you His perfect peace. Be encouraged my brothers and sisters. God is with you always!

                 Psalms 147:3       He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds. 

1 Peter 5:7  Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. 

Psalm 73:26 My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever.

Lost in the wilderness

I'm lost Lord, help me to find my way
I can't see the forest for the trees
These vices of evil keep attacking me
I need you Lord
Deliver me
I no longer want to be captive
Lord, set me free
My mind is racing
My flesh has gone mad
I desire to do good
So much has gone bad
I need your Lord
I have no strength
I have lost my will
Grant mercy upon my soul
My mind
My heart
My soul
My flesh
Has gone ragging mad
So much anger I harbor
I give you my soul to keep
Many nights
My plight
I can't seem to sleep
You know me
From the follicles of my hair
To the very soles of my feet
I suffer such loss
I suffer in great defeat
I need you Lord
Make me a new
Make my soul complete
I cry out to you today
Come to me, come my way
I just need to hear you
That still small voice
Calm these intense winds
Everyday I awake
I battle my flesh
Over and over again
I feel lost in this desolate place
I seek you with all my heart
I just need to see your face
Help me Lord
I have been bound for far too long
I have lost my will
Help me to be strong
I don't know how much longer I can go
I don't know how much more I can take
Trapped by the snares of the enemy
I need just a touch of your hand
Heal me Lord
Forgive me Lord
For I have sinned
Forgive me Lord
Grant me a new beginning
So that I may start over again

Help me
Restore me
Place me in your rightful pastures
I give you my life
You are my source, you are my master
Help me Lord
Heal the wounds of iniquity that I bare
I just need a touch
I just need to hear from you Lord...

Help me as I seek clarity
I can no longer bear the brunt of this burden
As I reach for your garments
With a touch.....a touch
With a touch of my hands

Copyright(c)2012 Divine Love

Make me whole

Seek me out Lord
Search those desolate places
Many traces of me left in many places
Help me Lord
To undo all things that may cause hindrance
My soul, attentive to your small still voice
I shall listen, hearken unto you call
Altar me to the next dimension
Seek me out Lord, search my heart
My soul, I surrender to you
By prayer and supplication
Use me Lord, so that your word
Your word can be heard in many nations
Place me among the pagans, leaches and leapers
So my soul may know no division....only your provision
Provide your wisdom, set me apart I plea
I dwell not on what I see, I dwell of those things
Most pleasing to you, as I lift my arms to the air
Silent bellows, as I call out to you....Please Lord
Please....take my hand....Search me out I plea

I have a need....and I need of you

So that maybe, just maybe....I can truly understand

I surrender to thee......Seek me out....

So I can do all that is planned....My life Lord

Yes my life....It's yours, I belong to thee....

Now, my life is all in your hands.......


Copyright(c)2012 Divine Love